Our Specialities

Truck Tankers:

Calibration of truck tankers of various petroleum products.

Storage Tanks:

Calibration of Horizontal, Spherical, Underground and Cuboid tanks.

Measuring Instruments:

Calibration of Flow meters, Provers, Pressure Gauges, Thermometers, etc

Non-Destructive Testing:

Ultrasonics, Vacuum Box, X-Ray, Dye/Oil Penetrant, pressure testing, etc.

Consultancy Services:

Major Inspection of Oil and Gas Storage Tanks, Refineries and Gas Plants, etc.

Construction Management:

Single to integrated tank farm construction, supervision and management.

Tank Internal Cleaning:

Venting, De-Sludging and Internal Cleaning of oil and gas storage tanks.

Cathodic Protection:

Pipelines and storage tanks cathodic protection and corrosion control.

Sand-blasting and Painting:

Oil and gas tanks sand-blasting and painting